Sunday, June 27, 2010

Attitude, attitude, attitude!

In the past week or so, Jaliyah has developed some sort of hatred towards my mother. It's kind of funny but not. My mother has been around Jaliyah almost everyday since birth, but in the recent days whenever my mom picks her up or talks to her, kisses her, anything, Jaliyah starts crying. Well, last night it was terrible. It broke my heart. Jaliyah was in her swing and my mom knelt down and picked her up to change her diaper. Liyah started whimpering but nothing terrible, then she blew up! She started doing the whole no breathe cry and I was freaking out, telling my mom to hurry with the diaper change. Before the diaper change was done, I had to pick Liyah up because she started choking really hard and then threw up everywhere from crying so hard! My heart broke, and she still continued crying until I took her upstairs without my mom.

What is that about?!


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