Thursday, June 3, 2010


I am trying to get Jaliyah on a schedule but I think I am finding it is too soon. She is feeding on demand right now, and takes mini 20 minute naps throughout the day. She has slept through the night twice in a row, and not again since. It was nice while it lasted! lol I am taking 1 class this semester because of having a new baby, and it is already challenging making time for assignments while having her on my hip all day, it's going to get even harder next semester with more classes.

We had our first road trip and she did amazing, it was only 2 hours but she slept most of the way. I never knew I would need so much for a one night stay away from home with a baby lol I had 3 bags for her and 1 for me! And you know what I learned? I STILL didn't have enough clothes for her! But those munchkin bag dispensers came in super handy on the trip.

Biggest milestone in the past couple weeks is she now socially smiles whenever she is played with :) yipee!

I'm looking for ideas of products to review and questions to cover. Don't hesitate to give ideas!


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