Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Time for a change

One thing that I didn't realize would change when becoming a mother is friends. I started realizing it when I was pregnant. I wouldn't get called as much and hardly saw most of my friends because I could not go out and get shit faced like everyone else. I've always been able to tell myself that if they don't stick with me through my journey then it was OK to let them go. However, one of them who DID stick with me through my journey started to unstick after the baby - which I never expected.

So I was down to like two good friends and as of yesterday it is now one. Have a child makes you put your life in perspective and help you see who and what are toxic for you and your baby. I suppose it was time for this change, even though it hurts.

Time for a smile..


Suzy said...

its true, all your priorities change when you have a baby, and often friends change because they dont have the same priorities as you. I hope you find some like minded people to become new friends :)

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