Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Haulage! (2)

Kohl's was having this ginormous sale - up to 80% off. So of course, my step-mom and I took a shopping adventure. I repeatedly told my self "Elisha, you won't spend money, just LOOK!" ...right. Anyways..we picked up almost an entire summer wardrobe for next summer for both Jaliyah, and my niece Ariana. Wanna know how much we spent? Buckle your seat belts..

For 12 outfits each (because they must match at all times), the total at normal price was $406. WE spent $115 and some change :D How AWESOME is that. While we were there I picked up 3 pieces for this fall/winter at 50% off..

Then I ventured to Meijer for formula and of course I had to spend money on things I did not go in there for, so I got..

Each of the shirts were only $3.19. I also picked up a couple plain white onesies/T-shirts to layer under.


Miranda Ward said...

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Take It From Me Girls said...

LOVE Kohls deals!

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