Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mommy-Do list

I have a 12 day break from yesterday until my fall semester classes start. So I will be taking that time to cuddle a lot with my baby and get some much needed things done; which have been extremely neglected. Here is my list..

- Deep clean my house, getting ready for Fall!
- Wash carpets
- Organize and file all my mail/bills
- Sell all my old textbooks on Amazon.com (I have about 15 - helloooo mulah cha-cha!)
- Start putting Jaliyah's pictures in the photo album
- FINALLY start scrap-booking Jaliyah's first year
- Get Jaliyah successfully sleeping in her crib every night

Now, I know I am forgetting things and will think of more to add, so I am going to do something fun. I am going to put my list in the sidebar so you all can watch me master or fail the list lol :) I'll cross off things as I finish. --->>>>>>

I was thinking that when I start my scrap-booking I would do something like "Scrapbooking Sunday's" or something like that and post pictures of what I am doing, tips, supplies and more - what do you guys thing? Good idea/bad idea? Let me know!

PS - don't forget to check out Baybee Luv's new Facebook page!


KimD said...

I think the scrapbooking post would be great! I am so far behind on mine that maybe seeing other's posts would motivate me to do a little every week!

I'm stopping by from MBC! Look forward to following you!

Grace said...

What a beautiful daughter you have and what a lovely name you gave her. So glad I found you through Follow Us Monday Morning.

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