Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer is officially over..

..for me anyways. Why? Classes started! Argh...even though its one semester closer to a degree - it still sucks! When I graduated high school I said ex-nay (no) to a scholarship at a 4-year university and ran away to Atlanta with a guy I got engaged too. Needless to say, him and I are no longer together and I have been working full-time and going to school to get my edu-muh-cation. Doing it this way instead of how I originally should have is taking MUCH longer then it would have - but oh well.

So Monday's I am gone all day at school while Jaliyah stays with my mom. I was worried it wasn't going to go so well because last night Jason took me out for a night out of the house (I haven't done that since Jaliyah was born) and we went and relaxed on the water and stuff. Anyways - while we were gone, Jaliyah was NOT happy and cried herself to throwing up 3 times! She is so dramatic and so very clingy, so this Monday separation will be good for the both of us. BUT I was extremely nervous Jaliyah would not remember who I was! Jason and I left last night when she was sleeping and left this morning before she was awake (we leave at 6am for school and he goes to work). So she didn't see us again until this evening. My mom said she did not cry one time, so that's awesome! I was still nervous she had forgotten about me :(

..SHE DIDN'T! I was soooo happy to see her big smile when I picked her up. Ugh...I love her.


Kait said...

I just wanted to say, good for you for being a new mom in school. I'm also finishing up a graduate school program and it's brutal. I only have one class yet and I should be done with everything by the calendar year! Fingers crossed. I'm so glad everything went well on your first day away. Your daughter is beautiful!

Baybee Luv said...

Thanks so much and good for you too! It is definitely a challenge but one that will pay off in the end!

Ladii Aponte said...

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Mr Monkey said...

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