Sunday, August 15, 2010

Why me? (vent)

I needed a place to vent and you all are the lucky ones to hear about it! This week is finals week for summer semester and right now I am over my dads house so he can watch Jaliyah and she can get some grampa time while mommy takes her exam. This particular one that I am doing, or WAS doing, is a 2 and a half hour exam...I was about half way through when somehow (on accident) I pressed the "x" on the corner of Mozilla.

Now, one would say "Ok Elisha, just re-open it and start over" - which would be super frustrating but at least it would get done, right? NO! I can't get back into it - its LOCKED! Students are only allowed one attempt on the exam and after that - nada, zilch, your done!

So..I'm screwed. I just emailed my professor begging and pleading to re-open it for me, so we will see :( SUPER FRUSTRATED! Just breathe...

On a brighter note, as some of you may of saw on my twitter, Jaliyah rolled from her tummy to her back finally - so now when she realizes she can do one complete roll, she will be all over the place!


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