Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day :)

I'm sure most new mom's are like this, but this weekend I kept saying "OH! This is Jaliyah's first _____!" Everyone would laugh at me lol But really, it was her first Labor Day, her first boat ride and her first beach trip! So I was quite excited and carried my camera all day.

On Saturday we went up to my dad's cottage for the day with my brother and new niece, Ariana. It was rainy and cold so we couldn't do much but just hang out - but it was still fun!

Sunday we just hung out with daddy and Jaliyah's sisters and went to the park, it was a much needed relaxing day for the both of us.

Monday was the best day by far! We went to my Aunt's cottage, where I grew up, and had a blast. It was kind of cloudy but we still made the best of it. Jason AND Jaliyah had their first boat ride - both of them loved it. The boat ride put Jaliyah to sleep, so cute.

Her first boat ride!

She had fallen asleep so she was zipped into Daddy's jacket to stay away from the wind lol

And it was Jaliyah's 5 month birthday! ♥


April said...

following you :) love your cute bloggy! your daughter is presh!



Thirty-One Gifts by Lauren said...

Im your new follower :)

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