Thursday, January 6, 2011

Resolution :)

I feel like every entry now starts with "I've been busy" or "I'll be posting more now" - but I swear this time! As part of my new years resolution, I will be posting at least once a week. I didn't want to get too ambitious and say everyday because I am a single working mother also going to college (as most of you know) - so I'm quite busy but at least once a week you will find me here!

I hope you all had an amazing holiday season and a happy new year. My new years resolutions are to (a) post at least one entry a week on my blog and (b) get all A's on my classes this year! What are some of your resolutions?

I think I may have already mentioned this but this semester I will be completing my associates degree. I will probably take the summer off before I start on my bachelor degree classes. Things are going great at my job, I am gaining more responsibilities as the time goes by - which is good and bad. Bad because I end up extending my hours sometimes but I'll work through it.

Jaliyah is 9 months today - omg omg omg omg omg - ok now that I am done freaking out - isn't that nuts?! She got way too many toys for Christmas lol but lots of books too. Actually, her new favorite toy is a book. It's one of those texture feeling books you know? She will sit there with it for several minutes and just rub the fur on the animal pages lol She also got a walker, blocks, puzzles, a music table, a leaning kitchen, and a bunch more!

I have a few reviews I am working on to bring to you guys and I am also working on getting a giveaway underway! So make sure you guys stay tuned and thank you so much to all my followers who have stayed during my MIA's :) Again, if there's anything you'd like reviewed or covered please leave a comment.


Esperanza said...

What a cutie! It looks like she did clean up for Christmas. I have all the respect in the world for you that you are working and in school. I can't IMAGINE doing that as a single mother. I did that for just six months with the support of my partner (and my parents and my in-laws) and it was still devastatingly difficult. You daughter will be so proud of you when she is older. I hope you can honor both of your resolutions. My resolution was to actually keep checking in on my on-going goals for at least six months. I will be doing that every week or two on my blog so we'll see how long I last. Good luck with your classes!

Esperanza @

Baybee Luv said...

Thank you so much for that and I wish you luck on your resolutions! I'll be checking on you :)

Tamara said...

Hi! I'm stopping by from the Swingin' By Sunday blog hop! I'm following you and I would love it if you'd come visit me and follow back!

Tamara from Swagtastic Mama

Kelly~ Wave of Life Surf Studio said...

LOVE those pics & look forward to reading more posts! Hi~ I am your newest follower from the blog hop & would love it if you stopped by & returned the love :)

Mika said...

She's so cute!
I'm following from the blog hop.
I'd love a follow back at

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