Tuesday, May 8, 2012

2 year update!

Jaliyah is now 2 years old and is absolutely amazing. She is now 35 inches tall and weighs 31 lbs - her height to weight ratio is perfect. As many of you know, I co-slept with Jaliyah from a young age and for her birthday I purchased a toddler bed to being the "big girl"-ness. She is slowly but surely making way to her own bed and this transition has reassured me and my co-sleeping method. She is totally in love with reading and learning - she can now spell her first, middle, and last name. She can count to "twell" (twelve).

As far as her eating habits she still adores fruit and will eat fruit until it comes out of her eyeballs. Vegetables on the other hand, are no good. I give her the Gerber grabbers and similar products that mix vegetables and fruits together. I'm also giving her Pediasure on occasion to make sure she is getting her nutrients.

I had a few readers wondering about Jaliyah's night terrors. They have subsided quite a bit but do still rear their ugly heads sometimes. I still do not know what was causing them to begin with but she slowly grew out of them. She will have one maybe once or twice a month now - and they are still scary! I'm hoping with in the next few months she will completely rid them. Much of the research I did told me that night terrors can turn in to sleep walking as the babies/toddlers turn in to bigger kids, which scares the crap out of me! But I'll cross that road if we ever get to it..crossing fingers...


C.J. said...

Oh my gosh, so adorable! I hope her night terror disappears, how awful. Newest follower to your blog. Please stop by and follow back! :)

Kristina said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!! Saying hi from Follow me Wednesday. Happy to follow you! I'd love to have you stop by my little corner sometime! :)

Michelle G said...

What a cutie! Good luck with the transition to big girl bed. Stopping by from a hop!
Heartfelt Balance Handmade Life

Adrianne at Happy Hour Projects said...

Aww, good luck! I can't get my daughter to eat anything right now but toast, cheerios, and puffs. She will drink milk, and eat baby yogurt if I first let her feed some to me, but meat, fruit and veggies are absolutely out of the question... hope it's just a phase!!

Following you from the Welcome Wednesday hop, hope you have a moment to drop by and say hi!

Happy Hour Projects

No(dot dot)el said...

Hey there found you through the Follow me Wed link up. I'm happy to be your newest member. Your lil one is super cute.

Alicia Seeley said...

She is adorable!! Visiting from the blog hop!! Newest follower

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