Tuesday, April 13, 2010

One week old!

Jaliyah is one week old today. This past week has been uh-may-zing. She has been a great baby - sleeping wonderfully and eating well. She only wakes up twice a night and once she is done feeding, she goes right back to sleep. However, we have come into one problem already - constipation. The poor little girl tries so hard to poop that she cries and it just breaks my heart. Her grandma on her fathers side told me a nice home remedy for baby constipation is putting Karo Syrup in the bottle, so we tried it. It did work but only temporarily so I called her pediatrician and he told me to use an infant suppository. I am kinda iffy on this, it makes me nervous. We will see what happens..

She has her two week check-up on Saturday, can't wait to see how much she has gained!

As a first time mom, this first week has been full of different emotions. I am scared that I am not doing good enough, but am really doing my best. She means everything! Her daddy has fallen in love with her, it is the cutest thing. He has been a huge help with getting up in the middle of the night and letting me sleep, and with everyday tasks while I am healing.

Can't think of anything else going on so I will leave you with some pictures from when she was born..


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