Saturday, May 15, 2010

1 Month Update

Jaliyah turned 1 month old on May 6th, 2010! Time really flies by, it's amazing. It's May 15th today and I am finally getting around to do her 1 month photos, we are doing them at 5pm. I'll be sure to post those as soon as I get them back, I know they are going to be so cute. I did some research and found professional baby photos to get ideas of poses. Wohoo! exciting!

She still has Thrush, it's getting frustrating because I don't think the medicine is working. She has been on the medicine for over 2 weeks now. The only thing that seems to be helping is rinsing her mouth with water after she drinks a bottle, so that the milk doesn't sit in her mouth. Then once or twice a day I get a hot towel and gently wipe off her lips, tongue, and inside of her mouth. It's VERY slowly going away.

First shots will be on the 22nd, I am so nervous, I will probably cry more then her. I believe there's 4 immunizations to be given. I am still making up my mind but that makes me uncomfortable, I might ask my DR to do 1 shot at a time. What if she has an allergic reaction to a shot, and because there was a billion given at once, we don't know which it was? That scares me.

I originally was taking the semester off to get used to being a mommy, but I signed up for one class. I don't want to get too far behind on my degree. I am taking Advanced Composition - holy crap - I'm regretting it lol There is an essay due every week and so far I haven't been able to get them done until the very last day about 10 minutes before it is due (its an online class) lol I hope I can make it through!

Well, this update was all over the place. Take care! Here's a cuuuute picture to leave you with (I was singing to her..)


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