Monday, May 3, 2010

Elisha's Essentials

I am going to start posting posts of things I have found to be essential in day to day mommy life. I am a first time mom and discovering these must-haves is something I'd love to share with everyone. This will be my second post (the first was the Always Clean Pacifier).

The Munchkin Bag Dispenser clips onto your diaper bag and is easy to reach for. I have found when I go to other peoples houses, I don't want to throw a smelly diaper in their garbage for them to smell. The bags that come in the dispenser are deodorized to mask the smell of those wonderful surprises then I feel more comfortable throwing the diaper away or just popping it back in my diaper bag to throw away at home.

I have found that the cute little dispenser has come in handy for tons of other things besides diapers. It's easy to reach for in the car if you need a garbage bag, or clothes that baby has messed up.

I got mine for $3.99 at my local store and a pack of 3 bag refills for $3.99. Great price!


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