Saturday, May 1, 2010


Jaliyah will be one month in 5 days! Holyyyy crap! It seems like we just left the hospital.

She now weighs 9lbs 2oz - and I am still waiting on her insurance papers, this is getting irritating. Thank God this pediatrician will work with me - but I am changing pediatricians as soon as I get her paperwork in. At her appointment today we discovered she has Thrush so now she is on medicine for that. My friends daughter had that for 2 months, I am hoping and praying Jaliyah's clears up faster then that. Does anyone have experience with this?

Liyah is now drinking 3oz bottles, such a chunker girl! She can hold her head up a little bit when she is on her stomach or if I am holding her against my shoulder. I think she is already starting to (try) roll over, she makes it to her side when she is on her back. It is so exciting watching the new milestones happen. She focuses so well on me (or whoever is talking to her) it's like she is really listening lol so cute

I started printing all the pictures of her from the month for her scrapbook that I am making. I am having my brother take her 1 month pictures next Saturday, I can't wait to post those - She is going to be so cute - Keep lookin for those :)


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