Thursday, July 15, 2010

How much longer?!

Today was insane!

I had homework coming out of my ears that was all due tonight. I had 2 really long assignments due for my business legal class and a couple others for my marketing class. My marketing is still not done - I need a product that could use better advertising - ugh! All the products I see advertised obviously have good advertising if I'm seeing them! Anyways...Doing all that while having a screaming teething baby was not easy.

I have not picked up orajel yet because I just won't have money until tomorrow. I will be getting the biggest tube available. We rocked, walked, looking into mirrors, gave kisses, swung, played, jumped, everything and nothing was helping her. I didn't attempt the teethers because every time previously she would make silly faces and push them out of her mouth. Well..thank GOD I tried again because she instantly took to the frozen pink ring and loved it. She finally fell asleep after about 8 hours. She is out right now :)

I am so so so sorry I haven't updated my 365 due to my overload of homework lately but I swear I will post a new pic for all the days I've missed tomorrow.


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