Friday, July 30, 2010

Elisha's Essentials

One of the things that is almost near impossible to avoid when having a baby - diaper rash! How NOT fun..Jaliyah did not get her first diaper rash until a little after 2 months. I used just a regular, popular brand of cream which seemed to work pretty well and the rash was gone within a week. The diaper rash returned a few weeks later and at her DR appt, he prescribed her a prescription strength cream. That was recently, and I have been using this cream for about 7 days-ish. It did help a little bit but the rash was definitely still noticeable.

So..we were upstairs for bath-time and I did not have the DR cream upstairs with us so I just reached for...

After 2 uses of the Butt Paste - her rash is completely 100% gone!! It worked better then the prescription diaper cream. I had heard about Butt Paste before and got some at my baby shower, but now I can say for myself - I'll never use anything but the Butt Paste. Plus..the name is way cute.


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