Monday, September 13, 2010

Mother?! You're not a mother..

This is my place to vent, right?

I think being a mother is the most wonderful thing in the world, and there are many people out there who yearn to be called "mommy", who can't have their own children - who deserve their own children more then the world itself. This is why it bugs me when some woman just shouldn't be mothers..

What type of mother doesn't even have their own kids over half of the week so she can be with a man?
What type of mother doesn't put their kids in car seats/booster seats..risking their lives?
What type of mother sends their kids away for the weekend with NO clothes, NO underwear, NO toothbrush?
What type of mother has sex in front of their kids?
What type of mother wishes death upon their childrens father?
What type of mother doesn't like their 4 year old?
What type of mother wants to split their kids up just because of the previous question?
What type of mother chooses other people over their own child?

I could go on and on and on..but I won't, I think you all get the point. This type of person isn't a mother, isn't MEANT to be a mother, she is just an ignorant female who doesn't deserve the little gifts that have been given to her.

This is obviously due to frustration in my personal life with a certain invidual(s), but I will not name names. These statements are just my opinion, if you don't agree with me - don't read it. I am highly frustrated with "mothers" like this. Ugh..I wish I could take those poor children from her. :(


Emy said...

What you say is sad, but true. I know a mother or two like that and it drives me crazy. Being a mommy is a privilege and the greatest blessing in life. Let's just hope that those kids have other people in their lives that can help take care of them and love them the way that every child deserves to be loved.


Lana said...

If you think these children are being neglected, call Child Protective Services or the local authorities. I'm sure knowing about this is a very heavy burden; don't carry it by yourself for too long.

Blair said...

Yep I get frustrated with "Moms" like that too. I just don't understand it. I want to see every moment of my baby's life. Colton has turned into my best friend. He is the most fun to be around anyways. When you have a child, you are supposed to give up any sort of partying ways you have (of course everyone needs to go out every once in a while and have a break) but all the time is absolutely ridiculous. You had a kid, stay home with them and be a parent!

Tanya said...

It is frustrating isn't it.

Karen said...

I am a new follower from a Wednesday Hop;)

Jackie said...

Unfortunately the word "mother" only means that a child was born... thankfully, the word "Momma/Mommy" tend to give those REAL moms a better name! ;)

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