Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What a slackerrrr!

Hi, My name is Elisha - and I am a slacker.

UGH! I am slacking on my Mommy-Do list like..REALLY bad. All that stuff was supposed to be done 2 weeks ago..oops :( I desperately want to start on my scrap-booking and thus start on "Scrap-booking Sunday's".

The past 2 weeks have been full of not-so-fun things. I was supposed to start my online class 2 weeks ago but of course, the book I ordered with over night delivery did not show up until 4 days ago...needless to say, I am VERY behind and I don't think I can get any points/grades for the last 2 weeks assignments. Since it's only a 7 week accelerated class, I pretty much have to get A's on everything else to do good. PLus all the dumb drama relating to my previous post Mother?! You're not a mother..!

On the other side, Jaliyah finally convinced herself to like tummy time enough to learn to roll from her tummy to her back - yipee! This means (possibly) less crying?! haha - we will see. She is scooting like a pro and sitting up on her own for about 40 seconds! WOOO!! She is going to be on the move in no time - that's gunna be fuuuun!

Stay tuned: I am working on a couple reviews right now for Elisha's Essentials. Also working on some haul posts of some winter clothes and things that I have bought recently for Jaliyah - and yes, I know I am far far behind on project 365 - this is due to my dumb camera. I should have the catch-up pictures in one big post in the next few days.

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