Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sexy Mama Saturday's

In order to make sure a quick make-up routine makes us feel more confident, we have to make sure we are taking care of our face. Depending on the type of skin you have depends on what products work for you, everyone is different and not every product will work for every person.

I have dry skin and I use a Cetaphil cleanser.

This product is good for normal to dry skin because it is creamy and does not have a ton of chemicals that only dry the skin out further. With the lack of chemicals and perfumes it is also good for sensitive skin. Best of all - it can be found at any local drug store and is affordable at around $10 depending on where you go.

For oily skin, gel cleansers work best because they absorb excess oils.

Neutrogena's cleanser for oily skin is a great option, at just $5. Another good option is the Clinique Wash-Away Cleanser..

This can be a little drying so do not use this unless you have oily skin. It is a little more expensive, $19, and can only be found at a Clinique stand in your local department store.

Exfoliating and moisturizing are the next key steps to keeping your skin radiant. Exfoliation should be done at least once a week. This step will remove all dead skin cells and traces of dirt/old makeup from your skin and help deep cleanse. I use St. Ives Apricot Scrub - it works great and I use it every couple days.

Moisturizing is the last important step, especially for dry skin. Not only will moisturizing help balance the oils in your skin but it will provide a more even and smooth surface to apply makeup. There are SO many different moisturizers out there for different things and problems so finding the right moisturizer that works perfectly for you is very important. Here are a few that I have found work wonders.

Olay Complete All Day UV Moisturizer works great. It's best of normal-dry/sensitive skin. Not only did it moisturize and soothe my skin but it improved the texture and dryness on my face. This hovers around $11 at any drug store.

St. Ives Collagen Elastin Facial Moisturizer ($5-$6) is great for all skin types. It has an all day moisturizing effect and makes your skin feel healthy and smooth without feeling greasy.

These are the basic steps I follow to help my skin stay healthy and prevent blemishes and pimples. That a lone helps me feel better about myself knowing I have clear healthy looking skin. The best part of all these steps, they fit into your regular routine. Adding 30 seconds to exfoliate twice a week is very little time. Switching up your facial wash will also have surprising effects and improve the look of your skin. If any of you have questions about these products or about a skin type I did not cover, feel free to leave any questions. I'm excited to start this journey to help all of you feel great.

Friday, January 28, 2011

ZuLily Birthday Extravaganza!


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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sexy Mama Saturday's

I decided to start a new series. Lets call mama!! This series will be all about ways/tips/ideas to feel like your own person again. When we become mommy's we tend to forget about ourselves; but also as mommys, we put our babies and families before ourselves - so what about ways to feel like us again that don't take a lot of time? I think it sounds splendid!

I came up with this because before I had Jaliyah I was the top notch girly-girl. I was very into make-up (no I didn't cake it on me, but I enjoyed doing my make-up as a hobby and collecting make up hoping to eventually be a freelance make-up artist), but now I couldn't tell you the last time I wore eyeliner. I also enjoyed curling my hair and now it's usually in pony tails with my bangs pinned back.

I don't want any of you beautiful mommy's to think that because you don't have make up on or toes painted or hair done that you're not beautiful - because we all are! I am just doing this to help myself and all of you find little, convenient ways of boosting our confidence.

SO! In conclusion..I am on a mission! A mission for YOU and ME :)

To get started I will post a new tip/product/etc every Saturday. If you have a request you would like me to cover or show a quick tutorial on, just leave a comment about anything: hair, make-up, nails, skin, etc..

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

9 Month Update

Jaliyah's actually 9 and a half months but we just had her 9 month well baby check-up today. She is just getting over a little virus, she had a fever for about 5 days but it never got over 100.3 so the DR said to just let it run its course. So that's what I did and now she is all better. Other then that she has not been sick up to this point.

    22 lbs and 6 oz
    30 inches long
    Pull herself up to stand
    Walk along the furniture
    She has taken one step unsupported :)
    She likes to flip through "touch and feel" books and feel all the textures on her own
    FINALLY crib sleeping

I think she has come a long way since 6 months - she can do so much more now. She has slowed down her weight gain - only 2 lbs since 6 months but has grown 3 inches taller so she is thinning out.

I am thinking about enrolling her and I into this class called "Junior Jam Time". Its an hour or so interactive music class with other infants/toddlers and their parents; I think it sounds fun and will help even further with development. Jaliyah has been saying consonant sounds for a few months now but now they are starting to get a meaning and SHE is understanding the meaning. She knows who da-da is, ma-ma, and she says na-na and I think that it means shes hungry. How exciting! Hope all is well with everyone <3

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Sharing

I wanted to share this short video clip with all of you. Yesterday we spent the entire day at Jaliyah's daddys house. He had his other kids so she got to spend some fun time with her sisters and daddy. It was really nice and relaxing.

Anyways..I was eating a sucker and I thought it was the perfect time to catch her "sucky face" on camera. She does this ANYTIME she licks something or gets something on her tongue/lips. It is too funny. Hope this makes you all smile - Video HERE!(it's a link to my Facebook Fan page - Make sure you 'like' us)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Resolution :)

I feel like every entry now starts with "I've been busy" or "I'll be posting more now" - but I swear this time! As part of my new years resolution, I will be posting at least once a week. I didn't want to get too ambitious and say everyday because I am a single working mother also going to college (as most of you know) - so I'm quite busy but at least once a week you will find me here!

I hope you all had an amazing holiday season and a happy new year. My new years resolutions are to (a) post at least one entry a week on my blog and (b) get all A's on my classes this year! What are some of your resolutions?

I think I may have already mentioned this but this semester I will be completing my associates degree. I will probably take the summer off before I start on my bachelor degree classes. Things are going great at my job, I am gaining more responsibilities as the time goes by - which is good and bad. Bad because I end up extending my hours sometimes but I'll work through it.

Jaliyah is 9 months today - omg omg omg omg omg - ok now that I am done freaking out - isn't that nuts?! She got way too many toys for Christmas lol but lots of books too. Actually, her new favorite toy is a book. It's one of those texture feeling books you know? She will sit there with it for several minutes and just rub the fur on the animal pages lol She also got a walker, blocks, puzzles, a music table, a leaning kitchen, and a bunch more!

I have a few reviews I am working on to bring to you guys and I am also working on getting a giveaway underway! So make sure you guys stay tuned and thank you so much to all my followers who have stayed during my MIA's :) Again, if there's anything you'd like reviewed or covered please leave a comment.
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