Thursday, May 24, 2012

Guilty Pleasure

Three days ago I noticed Jaliyah’s left eye was red underneath and in to the corner with a little puffiness. I instantly panicked because we have been going to Gymboree classes and figured one of those kids gave her pink eye. We washed our hands every 5 seconds and I got her into the pediatrician the next day to find out it was allergic conjunctivitis, not bacterial. Okay, so a little sigh of relief and was instructed to give Jaliyah some Benadryl for a couple days. I’m a little weary about giving Jaliyah medicine so I as a little iffy about it.

Normally our bed time routine consists of bath time, chill out time, cup of milk, brush teeth, lay down. We did all the normal things in our routine but added ‘take Benadryl’ right before the last hour of our routine –right before milk and brushing teeth, then we hang out, lay down, read a book –stuff like that. Well after brushing teeth, I ran to the potty real quick (yeah, I said potty) and the 2 minutes it took to do that and walk back in to the living room, Jaliyah was out cold. Asleep, so easily –for the entire night! Hmm…this Benadryl wasn’t such a bad idea.

Is that so bad? I was actually happy I decided to drug her this time. Not only is her eye infection gone, but mommy got two nights of uninterrupted sleep. Thank you Benadryl.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Baybee Luv Boutique

Hey momma's!

I just launched my boutique's Facebook page and would really appreciate your help because you ladies are awesome! Please click HERE and 'like' us!!

Feel free to look around - there are only a few products up but I will be adding more throughout the week. You can also get to my Etsy page through the facebook page.

Once the boutique gets to 50 'likes', I'll be giving away a free 5x7 frame that YOU get to design.

Thank you so much everyone, it means a lot!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Parents shouldn't be parents..

So I was making my internet rounds and stopped at Yahoo to see this article. Excuse my vulgerness but..ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! What did you THINK was going to happen when you idiotic, uneducated, morons put your child in the washing machine?! I hope your parental rights are taken away from you and they put you in a washing machine, that poor child was probably so terribly frightened it makes me sick to think about it. I couldn't even bring myself to watch the video of these shit heads.

At the end of the article it says "..a 3-year-old was killed in France after his father put him in one and turned it on to punish him." punish him? To fucking punish him? I think people like this should be put in to a washing machine and we can all laugh at you while you're freaking out from being tossed around like a ragdoll, drowning.

This is why I have always said that people should have to under go testing before being allowed to parent another being (along with taking a drivers test post 60 years old).

Ugh..I'm disgusted, way to ruin my day Yahoo!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Yeah, I said it..

Ok, I know I'm a little late but hey - better late then never, right? This cover has turned up so much controversy and it's quite humorous to me to hear all the different opinions. So now it's time for my opinion...are you freaking kidding me?! If your child can tell you in a complete sentence that he would like the boob - it's time to stop. It creeps me the hell out, it almost borderlines some sort of weird abuse. I mean...I know people are saying it's great nutrition...well at this age they can eat everything on the food pyramid to get nutrition. I just can't wrap my mind around it, the fact that I would be sitting here breast feeding Jaliyah and having a conversation with her at the same time - "hold on mom, I need a sip." No thank you. Now don't get me wrong, I am totally pro-breast feeding but there is a line that can be crossed, and this has crossed it people. It makes me uncomfortable.

On another note - Jaliyah actually shared toys today with her little cousin for about 55 seconds. It's progress, right?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Terrible 2's, who knew?!

I'm sure everyone gets those people that you talk to about your kid and they are like "oh..just wait for (insert obnoxious story)." Lord knows I got plenty of those when I praised about Jaliyah being such a good baby. Fast forward a year and half later and boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I have turned in to one of those "Oh just wait" people.

When Jaliyah turned 2, it was like a light in her brain switched on and told her "Oh shit, you're 2 years old - raise hell!" So, that's exactly what she did - raise hell. Even though her tantrums have escalated and happen more frequently, I have been able to handle them. I usually address the issue with her, explain to her what is happening, and then ignore the rest of the nonesense and let her work through it on her own - this usually results in her realizing that she is not getting attention and she stops. Then the other day we were leaving my grandmothers and she absolutely insisted she sit in the front seat. Obviously - that is a no-no. So I put her in the carseat and all craziness broke through. She started thrashing around like a fish out of water, trying to scratch me, and I swear she was foaming at the mouth. She even managed to get through her carseat straps and try jumping out of the window. Whos child is this?! Then after I finally got her strapped in, she got that deep groggly devil-ish voice going on. I was appauled. It was like a whole new kid came out - so far that kid hasn't come out again but if your kid hasn't reached the 2's...just wait.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day!!

I was hoping Jaliyah would understand what mother's day is and sleep in until 8am but our normal 6:30 wake up time was still in order - bummer. However, Jaliyah broke out in to song when we finally made it downstairs and sung me the "I love you" Barney song and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star followed by a million kisses - So I'm happy :) Happy Mothers Day to all of you awesome mommys and especially to MY MOM!!! ♥ Enjoy your day ladies.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fabric, anyone?

I'm cleaning up my house (which seems pointless in itself) and looking around and I realize in almost every corner of my home there is some sort of unfinished-ness. Never mind the fact that at any given moment in the day I am either at work, my face in a text book, or being pulled around by a toddler - I still feel like I come up with the most amazing ideas and must complete them right. that. second. I usually stop what I'm doing, shove Jaliyah and I in the car and whisk off to some craft store, spend an unneccesary $50 on supplies, return home, and start on whatever that days/hours fabulous idea is. Then I never look at it again. Am I the only one who does this?! Why can't I just pick a project and finish it - just once. I have random fabrics, paints, embelishments and receipts that make me cringe everwhere around my house. Maybe I should just open an out-of-home craft store instead of completing projects.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

2 year update!

Jaliyah is now 2 years old and is absolutely amazing. She is now 35 inches tall and weighs 31 lbs - her height to weight ratio is perfect. As many of you know, I co-slept with Jaliyah from a young age and for her birthday I purchased a toddler bed to being the "big girl"-ness. She is slowly but surely making way to her own bed and this transition has reassured me and my co-sleeping method. She is totally in love with reading and learning - she can now spell her first, middle, and last name. She can count to "twell" (twelve).

As far as her eating habits she still adores fruit and will eat fruit until it comes out of her eyeballs. Vegetables on the other hand, are no good. I give her the Gerber grabbers and similar products that mix vegetables and fruits together. I'm also giving her Pediasure on occasion to make sure she is getting her nutrients.

I had a few readers wondering about Jaliyah's night terrors. They have subsided quite a bit but do still rear their ugly heads sometimes. I still do not know what was causing them to begin with but she slowly grew out of them. She will have one maybe once or twice a month now - and they are still scary! I'm hoping with in the next few months she will completely rid them. Much of the research I did told me that night terrors can turn in to sleep walking as the babies/toddlers turn in to bigger kids, which scares the crap out of me! But I'll cross that road if we ever get to it..crossing fingers...

Hello, there.

Dear mommies/daddies, This is my letter of sincere apologies for the difficulties and lack-of posts the past few months. I had extreme difficulty when my domain renewal failed and have been going back and forth playing phone tag with everyone to try and get it back up and running. Between work, school, and Jaliyah, finding time to return phone calls was difficult. BUT here is the good news.....we're baaaaaaaaacckkk!! Miss Jaliyah and I have so many posts to do, catch you up on, giveaways, reviews, and sooo much more so I hope my lovely readers are still on board with me! Please leave me a comment of anything you'd like to see on here, reviews, and to let me know you're still with us.
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