Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fabric, anyone?

I'm cleaning up my house (which seems pointless in itself) and looking around and I realize in almost every corner of my home there is some sort of unfinished-ness. Never mind the fact that at any given moment in the day I am either at work, my face in a text book, or being pulled around by a toddler - I still feel like I come up with the most amazing ideas and must complete them right. that. second. I usually stop what I'm doing, shove Jaliyah and I in the car and whisk off to some craft store, spend an unneccesary $50 on supplies, return home, and start on whatever that days/hours fabulous idea is. Then I never look at it again. Am I the only one who does this?! Why can't I just pick a project and finish it - just once. I have random fabrics, paints, embelishments and receipts that make me cringe everwhere around my house. Maybe I should just open an out-of-home craft store instead of completing projects.


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