Thursday, October 28, 2010

Upcoming Review with CSN Stores!

Hey Momma's!

Guess what? I finally have a GREAT review coming up. I am so excited; it is with CSN Stores. If you don't know about these great stores - you do now! CSN is an online retailer with over 200 stores, where you can find everything from a counter stool to a new pair of shoes! I'm shopping around looking for a great item to review for you all, there is just way too much to choose from. Especially with the holidays fast approaching, be sure to check out CSN stores for some one stop shopping!

Keep a look out for the review!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

It finally feels like the holiday season is here!

Growing up, my favorite part of the year was the holiday season! I love the feeling in the atmosphere, the smells, the food, the changing leaves - everything! a lot of other things, that feeling kind of faded as I got older. It wasn't the same because all the kids in my family were adults now and it just felt different. One of the main things I looked forward to when becoming a mommy was bringing that holiday spirit and fun back! I love traditions and being able to keep them going with my daughter.

This is her FIRST holiday season! AHHH! I can't wait, even though she has no idea what is going on lol It's time for baking holiday cookies, carving pumpkins, cooking large family meals, presents, lights, snow, lots of family, cinnamon smelling candles and homemade apple pie. WOHOOOOO!!! We kicked it off with Jaliyahs FIRST Pumpkin carving..kinda of...She did a whole lot of this..

I would stick her hand in the pumpkin, she'd look at me, sloooowwwwlllyy pull her hand out and look at it, look back at me, and not move until I wiped her hand off - what a priss! It was funny, so I had to amuse myself and stuck some seeds to her..

And that was that :)
Just so you momma's know - I have some fun and exciting reviews/giveaways coming in the next few weeks - so keep your eyes peeled!


Monday, October 18, 2010

Emotional Momma

Part of becoming a mommy is having to think for someone other than yourself. You have to think what's best for your child, how a decision will affect them now and in the future. I had to make a VERY hard (for both myself and Jaliyah) decision recently, which also contributed to my short absence.

One of the decisions, that I am sure many of us have faced, is whether you and your SO should stay together "for the kids." In my opinion, if you even have to ASK this question - you shouldn't be together. I really don't feel that "staying together for the kids" is a good thing. Children can sense tension, hurt, and any other feelings you may be feeling - they know when something just isn't right. So..I am no longer with Jaliyah's father.

This is something really personal for me and if you don't like what I have to say, or agree with it, you can press that little red X in the upper right hand corner. Thanks.

Her father and I have been together for a little under 2 years, things happened VERY fast for us and that definitely worked against us. We moved in together quickly because we got pregnant. From the very beginning things were not right - I knew this, but I was young and pregnant with my first baby. I was scared. I didn't want to do it alone. So I stayed. I'd be left alone almost 100% of the nights I was pregnant, his excuse was always "you're pregnant, what can you do?" uhm..what?! But I always said to myself "it'll be different when Jaliyah is here." So my pregnancy went on, and so did his nights out. I had to beg and plead for him to spend time with me. I lived at HIS house, and I was there more then him. So I made the decision to move to my mother's when Jaliyah was born. That I did...and Jason followed.

Jaliyah was here now - things should change right? He would be home all day after work to help me? Right? No..Everything was still happening. So for the last 6 months I have been sitting at home while he was out doing who knows what, not coming home until later, not spending weekends with us. His time with Jaliyah was mostly in the mornings and nights - never during the day. The reason for staying with him was because I was afraid to be a single mom - but I was a single mom with a night time roommate, basically.

A few weeks ago, I finally had enough. I knew it wasn't good for Jaliyah - especially as she gets older. So, he has been gone for a couple weeks. It has been rough adjusting for Jaliyah. She missed him so much, neither of us have slept at night - she wakes up every hour. She cries a lot during the day - I know she misses him, I know she knows he is gone. She has seen him twice since him leaving (including today, she got to spend all day with him) and she is SO happy when she is with him, such a daddy's girl! It will be better this way. She will still see him and have a relationship with him, but not have a mother who is stressed, crying, irritated, and full of crazy emotions that she can sense and worry about. He knows for us to EVER be together again, there is a list of things that must be completed, changed and proven. I would try to not let her see those different emotions, but I knew she knew they were there - that isn't fair to her. She deserves ALL of me - the HAPPY mommy! She's back :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

6 Month Update

o-m-g, she is half a year old! I just can't believe it. Jaliyah now weighs 20.6 lbs and is 27.5 inches long! I swear she was going to weigh no less then 35 lbs lol but only 20! The DR said she looks great :)

Jaliyah can:

  • Sit without falling

  • Get into the crawling position to grab a toy, then get back to sitting

  • Crawl backwards lol

  • Eat all fruits and veggie baby food

  • Fit into 12 month clothes (I know..)

She is now completely uninterested in her swing, I am debating on taking it apart and putting it away. Her acid reflux is pretty much gone now, she rarely spits up. She is on 4oz of formula along with her fruits and veggies. Oh, and she is looking more and more like her daddy every day..ugh..

aand since you all luv us tremendously you should cast your vote for her: HERE :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

6 Month Pictures!

I know, I know - I have become terrible at this updating thing. I need to figure out how to balance my time with Jaliyah, school, and work - then I will be back on track. BUT I have not forgot about ya'll. SO much has been going on besides work and school. I left Jaliyah's daddy and that's a whole other post in itself. I just hate men haha :) Anyways, I am so super tired so I am going to leave you with Jaliyah's 6 month pictures, she is such a model - ENJOY!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lifestyle Change

The past few weeks I have been trying a new approach to my everyday life. I did not want to write about it unless I actually stuck with it, so now I'm ready!

For a long long time, ever since I could remember, I haven't really been happy with my external self. I tried several different things and it just..didn't work/didn't stick with it/got lazy..whatever the excuse was. After having Jaliyah is when I think I really hit rock bottom. I didn't gain too much weight while I was pregnant, but I think just having this new wonderful being in my life made me put MY life in perspective.
I am also a strong believer that "diets" do not work. You can't be on a "diet" the rest of your life! It's setting oneself up for failure before even starting. So that's how I decided to do an entire lifestyle change.

Here is what I've changed:

  • I have always been a snacker, so I just chose to put healthy snacks in my house so when I do want to snack, I have no choice but to choose a healthy one! These include:

    • Fresh fuits/veggies
    • 100 Calorie Packs - these things are AWESOME! They totally fill my chocolate cravings too!
    • FiberOne bars (BTW - the commercial is totally correct - they are SO good)

  • I replaced all my lunch meat with fresh deli cut turkey
  • I do not eat as much red meat - more chicken and turkey
  • I do not eat bread, that was replaced with whole wheat or multi-grain tortillas for wraps
  • I totally cut out mayonnaise (whoa) and only use mustard as a condiment on sandwiches and such.
  • Biggest thing: I don't deprive myself of anything! It's all about portion control. But I do try and listen to my will power :)

I have noticed a huge change in m energy. I feel like I can function normally with just a few hours of sleep now. Like I said, it's been about 3 weeks that I have been doing this and it really is not that hard. I control the food I put in this house and if there isn't any junk food then I can't eat it, right? Right!

I really encourage all of you to try it, if you haven't already. It's really amazing how the food you eat effects your whole life. Let me know if you are going to take the challenge!

On another note: Chelsea (Dylan Daily) is a good friend of mine (outside of blogging too) and just started her etsy shop! You should ALL check it out - especially you pregger ones and nursing momma's! She has an awesome patented replaceable cup nursing bra for nursing momma's! SAHM Designs!
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