Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Scaredy Cat


It's 10:27pm here in good ol' Michigan and we are under a tornado watch untill midnight. Jaliyah was asleep and I was going to head to bed early - I actually, for once, accomplished being in bed by 9pm and was SO excited to get more than 4-5 hours of sleep. Then I turned the TV on.....TORNADO WATCH!! Ughhhhhhhhh I am SUCH a baby when I hear the word tornado. So I immediately get up and throw myself into anxiety-panic attack mode. I'm running through my game plan in my head on what I will do when I hear the sirens (as if we didnt learn this in like 2nd grade tornado drills?).

So here I am, refusing to go to bed until the tornado watch's are cancelled I will be awake, sitting here with my diaper bag full of diapers, food, milk, and wipes - ready prepared to run to the basement and camp out.

What's going to happen when Jaliyah is old enough to come runnig to me when she hears the loud boom boom from thunder screaming "mommy im scared!" Am I going to be like "me too!!!!!"?

Time to grow some balls...
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