Friday, April 29, 2011

You saved WHAT?!

So the past couple weeks I've been trying to take on a new hobby, something that will hopefully help me and Jaliyah. Being a single mom that's working and going to school, I often have those "What am I going to do for dinner?" days..or (especially lately) "how am I going to afford this gas?". I'm ashamed to admit that my bank account is currently in the negative and my student loans scare the effing buh-geezers out of me. So what's this new hobby I'm attempting to not fail at?

Extreme couponing.

Now I don't know how extreme I'll get, I'm trying to learn the ins-and-outs right now. Has any of you watched that "Extreme Couponing" on TLC? It's AMAZING! There's people on there racking up a $1,000 grocery bill and walking out paying only $12. I NEED THAT IN MY LIFE! Granted, these people spend about 40-60 hours a week preparing for one shopping trip and I just don't have the time for that, but even getting half the savings would be helpful. Just for the two of us, I spend at least $400 a month on groceries...that's half my monthly income..the rest goes to the $4.10 gallons of gas I put in my car. I can't do it anymore, I want to start a savings account for Jaliyah and yes I put all my change into her piggy bank, but that's just not cutting it. I want to have a cushion for us, and it just cant happen with the money I spend on just daily living needs.

If anyone has tips, websites, or anything that I can use to help me learn this amazing lifestyle. I will bring you guys along on my journey :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

On the hunt

Back from VEGAS! It was SO much fun, even though I was sick the last night I was there. Needless to say, I'm very tired and feel like I will never catch back up on sleep haha but I missed Jaliyah so much - she cried when she saw me, then ran to me. :) Glad to know I was missed!

So my most recent..whats the word? Uhm...endeavor? undertaking? Something along those to find a LEGIT at-home income. I already have an out-of-the-home-i-miss-my-baby-all-day-but-i-have-to-go job. I don't want another, I don't want even more time taken away from Jaliyah and I. But finding a real, legit at home job is near impossible, unless it's answering questions for subscribers at $.002 a question - seriously? I don't think so.

and the hunt continues..

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Coming up..

Guess where I'm going later today? VIVAAAA LAS VEGASSSS!!!

I'm so excited! But I think I'm more scared/nervous/sad to leave Jaliyah for 5 days. I've never been away from Jaliyah for more than a day. I'm scared shes going to think I abandoned her. Everyone keeps telling me I'm nuts for thinking that, but shes only 1. After not seeing me for a couple days I think she'd feel as if I left her. I don't want to put her through that :( Makes me regret even buying my plane ticket.


I come back Easter Sunday. I have a lot coming up for Baybee Luv! I'm working on getting some giveaways going for you ladies, much more reviews, and bringing back Sexy Mama Saturdays!

Keep me in your prayers for a safe slight.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaandd..please VOTE! >>>> Jaliyah Brielle - Parents Magazine

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Vote for Jaliyah!

Hello lovely ladies!
I just wanted to ask a favor from allllll of you :)
Jaliyah is in the running to be on the cover of Parents magazine, it would mean so much to us to have your vote!
You dont even have to sign up, just click the link below and vote! You can vote once a day!

thank you so much

Jaliyah Brielle - 1 year

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Today, in about 45 minutes my baby will be officially 1 year old! She was born April 6th, 2010 at 10:03pm. I cannot believe it. I sang "Happy Birthday" to her when she woke up this morning, had breakfast then unfortunately had to go to work. When I got home she opened her presents from me. I got her 2 new dinner plates, and 4 new books. She had more fun ripping up the paper. Then we ventured to my dads for her birthday dinner. She was in SUCH a good mood today, I couldn't believe it. Despite her stuffy, stubborn runny nose she has had for a week - she was all smiles, laughs, and hyperness! We got her 1 year pictures done on Sunday, I'll close with those ♥

Review: features top-quality boutique gear and accessories for moms and infants from almost 30 brands today. They focus on partnering with select brands who share the same values related to natural and organic life style that they have. CradleJoy is keen on the quality of their brands than quantity and as such will be adding new unique products from as far away as Tibet and Scandinavia that promote mother’s comfort & baby’s well being.

From time to time, even with savings up to 60% off retail and top quality customer service, we often go nuts with contests, special deals and giveaways for their customers. From their 45 day return policy to Live Chat and toll-free telephone support, we want our customers happy and excited - not merely satisfied.

My experience with I was unfamiliar with CradleJoy until I was approached by them. It's very clear from entering their website that they are an all natural product carrying website. I was immediately intrigued and knew immediately what I wanted to search for. Jaliyah has pretty bad baby eczema and thus far, nothing has worked for it.

As I am searching, a live chat instant message pops up, asking me if there was anything I could be assisted with. This got me excited! I have never seen a shopping website with a live chat option - too cool! So I asked if I could be recommended any popular products, I was directed to their Cloud b rattles - they are super sweet, super soft, make-you-want-to-cuddle stuffed animal rattles. I asked a couple more questions and went on my merry shopping way and found these...

I ordered them. These products are specifically for eczema and bothered skin. I received my order within the week. I have been using it on Jaliyah ever since (a few weeks now) and her eczema started diminishing within the first 7-10 days I used it. I was SO excited that I finally found something to work. CradleJoy carries great products that are safe and WORK! They even carry maternity products for mommy's!

I've never shopped on a website before that I truly had nothing negative to say about, until now. I had an amazing customer service experience, their number one concern is the customer. My products were shipped to me in one week (without rushed shipping - this was the regular shipping option). I loved the product I received.

Shop it:
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